We're a plant lover's Paradise.

An urban nursery and grow center focused on building a thriving plant-based community where all are welcome.

In addition to offering seeds, soil, plants and more in our retail space, where you'll be assisted by all-star gardeners Joel, Jessica and Matt, among others, we also feature curated events and hands-on workshops. We want you to feel comfortable with your plants and happy with their growth, so our club is all about providing the supplies and knowledge you need to help your plants thrive.

Paradise Garden Club offers resources, products, and simple access to greenery in the city, available to anyone who seeks it out. In fact, you're already a member — whether you're looking for expert tips, homegrown gifts, a thriving new plant or just the best community workshops around. Because plant lovers grow with us!

Speaking of which, check out our classes and events for more ways to grow!


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